Join Raja’s Advanced Shaktis

Raja Choudhury presents a Private Membership Kula (Family) to study Shaktism, Tantra, Sri Vidya, Dash Maha Vidyas, Yantras, Sacred Sound, Sacred Geometry, Energy Work, Healing, Creativity, Divination and the Comparative Syncretic Study of Global Wisdom Traditions and Practices through the Lens of Science and Psychology.

Pre-requisite: You must be a graduate of one of Raja Choudhury’s advanced level courses on The Shift Network, Online or by special invitation from Raja.

What you will get when you join:

  • 2, 2-hour Live Zoom Classes and Satsangs per Month with Raja on Sundays at 9 am Pacific
  • Each live session is converted into a mini-class available on-demand with:
    • Video and Audio recordings
    • Class slides
    • Class transcript
    • Guided meditations
    • Deepening practices and more
  • Immediate access to the more than 25 mini-classes currently available on-demand in our member portal
  • Break Out Rooms after each class for connecting with other Kula Members
  • Full and New Moon Meditations recorded by Raja for access in the portal
  • Opportunities for even deeper levels of study only open to Advanced Shaktis including mentorship and teacher training
  • A Secret Group on Facebook exclusively for Advanced Shaktis for regular updates, discussions, and events
  • Access to Raja’s growing Online Library of Sacred Texts, eBooks, Recordings, videos, and interviews
  • Premium Preview Access to all of Raja’s new videos, books, courses, and content
  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts on Raja’s Retreats, Courses, Programs, and Sacred Quests
  • New features and content will be added regularly as we grow and evolve

Choose your renewal frequency below and join!

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