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Discover A Modern, Magical & Profoundly Practical Path

The Kundalini Code

– 5 keys to awaken the power and magic within –

Enrollment is now open for this 7-module, on-demand experience!

Discover A Modern, Magical & Profoundly Practical Path

The Kundalini Code

– 5 keys to awaken the power and magic within –

Enrollment is now open for this 7-module, on-demand experience!


Your Hidden Power


Your Intuitive Potential


Empowered, Magical Living

As a committed seeker, you…

have always known, deep down inside, that you’re a divine being capable of powerful magic, if only you had the key to unlock your full potential!

…have spent countless hours in study and practice – meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and other methods of awakening – because you are committed to unlocking the great mystery that underpins all life; all that is. 

...have tasted fleeting moments of the bliss-filled truth, that you embody all the mysteries and magic of the Universe, and you long to access and sustain this truth “on-demand.” 

have searched for a practical, powerful, and sure pathway to spiritual evolution, one that embraces how you live today, in the 21st Century.  

You are ready to dissolve your limitations, barriers and blocks, so you can live as the super-conscious, magical being that you know deep down that you are.

There lies within you, in this very moment, a magical power, that once awakened, can reveal the mysteries of the entire Universe and bring miraculous transformation and healing, power, and sustainable experiences of bliss into your life.

This power is called Kundalini.

Activating this power has long been a closely guarded secret of the ancient seers and mystics of India, but with experienced guidance, it is now available to anyone who sincerely seeks Her.

A life of magic & mystery can be yours, once you have The Kundalini Code.

~Raja Choudhury

Kundalini: The Source of
Power & Magic

Kundalini, a secret inner power discovered by mystics in ancient India, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, has been kept hidden, shrouded in myth and misconceptions… until now.

Kundalini is not just energy; it’s a map of the evolutionary journey of your consciousness. Depicted as a coiled serpent resting at the base of the spine, the coils represent the journey of consciousness from matter to cosmos; from human consciousness to cosmic consciousness.

When activated in the right way, few experiences accelerate your spiritual awakening faster than the flow of this divine force, or Shakti, within you.

Kundalini enters your body at birth and remains latent until ignited through specific practices. Once awakened, the energy of Kundalini flows upward, opening your chakras and flooding your body, mind, and spirit with the divine love-energy of the Universe, bathing you in bliss and enabling you to access a boundless field of love.

Today, all who sincerely seek to fully awaken can receive the 5 Secret Keys, revealed in The Kundalini Code, and awaken this potent energy, gently and safely, stimulating the release of the neurotransmitter DMT from the pineal gland, so you can transcend the limitations of space-time and human conditioning, and accelerate your spiritual evolution.

Master spiritual teacher and adept, Raja Choudhury, integrates his more than 20 years of committed study and devoted practice to the ancient wisdom traditions with advances in our understanding of human consciousness, to modernize and make accessible the power and magic of Kundalini.

In, The Kundalini Code, Raja Choudhury has created a breakthrough experience and a thoroughly modern, easy-to-practice process that works for today’s spiritual seeker.

The Kundalini Code Will Reveal:
The 5 Secret Keys to Living as a Fully Awakened Shakti


Command the Flow of Prana

Prana is all around you; it is flowing within you; it is YOU! Your journey begins as you discover how to command the flow of consciousness (Shiva) and energy (Shakti). This is the foundation of fully empowered living.

Burn Away Fear, Limitation, Karma

The second key reveals how to harness the energies of earth, water and fire so you can overcome procrastination and feelings of hopelessness, heal past trauma and light your inner fire. These energies also deeply support optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Fully Activate the Heart & Bridge Duality

The third key brings you to an opening of your heart center like you’ve never experienced it before, so you can bridge all duality and activate deep, profound healing. Experience connectedness with all of humanity and existence. 

Open Your Third Eye & Become a Sky Walker

Garnering the skills to truly open your Third Eye will enable you to enter into the realms of higher consciousness so you can dissolve ego-entrapped identities and live as a Sky Walker, one who sees above and beyond all limitation. This is your destiny.

Surrender Into the Awe & Become Bliss

The 5th and final key reveals the closely guarded secrets that enable you to fully surrender into the awe of the dance of Shiva and Shakti as you experience the Kundalini rising into the Agya Chakra.

The Kundalini Code is a practical, easy-to-follow, on-demand, 7-module journey to unleash your power and magic.

Yes, you can live from the wisdom of your heart as you evolve into the truth of who you are – empowered, beautiful, radiant – while being even more fully present and engaged in daily life.

No matter what you may have been told, or even your past experiences, when you have the right guidance and tools, you can safely activate Kundalini so that you can open your heart and your third eye, align your inner energy with the energy of the Universe, and become more intuitive, fearless, creative, peaceful, and protected.

When you enroll in, The Kundalini Code, you will receive each of the 5 keys, taught and transmitted to you by Raja, in a live setting with unlimited access to all class recordings, deepening practices, and Q&A sessions.

Let Raja guide and support you in a realization of bliss consciousness when you unlock the power and magic of, The Kundalini Code.

The Kundalini Code Will Empower You To

  • Consistently ground and maintain your center so you can face any problem or challenge with more grace and awareness.
  • Light your inner fire and learn how to burn away negative thoughts, fears, trauma, habits that don’t serve you, even and bad karma so you can be free and light.
  • Explode your creative potential as you learn how to tap in the creative power of the Universe using Kundalini as your connection to unlimited potential.
  • Awaken your heart to the possibilities of the Universe and become the divine, blissful, compassionate, loving magician you were meant to be by allowing Kundalini to pierce your Heart.
  • Open your Third Eye as Kundalini reaches the inner eye, the Agya Chakra, the higher realms are revealed gifting you with insight, and the intuitive powers of a visionary.
  • Experience the Bliss of A Thousand Suns as you experience the highest realms of Kundalini united with consciousness and the magical dance of your ongoing awakening.
  • Become an Embodied, Living Shakti capable of simultaneously living a creative, rich and full human life and an extraordinary, evolved, bliss-filled life as a spiritual Sky Walker .
Raja brings vital and contemporary energy to explaining India’s wisdom traditions. His in-depth knowledge of the history, neuroscience, and symbolism of Indian mysticism provides valuable insights and guidance.
Dr. Karan Singh

Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, Author, and India’s leading Cultural Ambassador

What You Will Discover, Module by Module

Module 1: The Mystery, The Power & The Magic – Touching the Truth of Who You Are

In this powerful introductory module, Raja will take you deep into the mystery and power of Kundalini as well as providing a glimpse of how having access toThe Kundalini Code can transform your life in magical ways.


  • Get the truth about the magic and mystery of Kundalini and why it has been so shrouded in secrecy
  • Learn the science of Kundalini, including its connection with the parasympathetic nervous system, vagus nerve, and pineal gland
  • Get energy tools to ground and prepare to awaken Kundalini
  • Receive a taste of how this energy can transform your life as a fully awakened Shakti

Module 2: The Dance of Shakti & Shiva – Everything Is Consciousness & Energy

The universe is an ecstatic dance of Energy (Shakti) and Consciousness (Shiva). You experience this energy as Prana – around you and inside you. It is life-force energy. When Prana is low, you may lack vitality, and can feel lethargic, anxious, or depressed.

Learning to channel and control Prana is the 1st Key on your journey to becoming Limitless.


  • Explore Prana and the energetic Universe
  • Learn advanced breathing techniques to tap into and cultivate Prana directly from the pranic field
  • Work with Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, the main Nadis through which universal energy flows
  • Receive Raja’s energization exercises and quick hacks for a quick prana boost anytime

Module 3: Cracking Rocks, Flowing Water & Lighting Fire – Experiencing the First Sun

In this module, you will receive the 2nd Key and discover how to activate the lower 3 chakras where subconscious fears, past trauma, limiting beliefs, negative memories, and Karma are stored. Learning to ground and direct the energies of earth, water, and fire is critical before allowing Kundalini to begin her rise from the base of your spine.

Thorough preparation is everything.


  • Awaken Muladhara, the earth center, fully using sound, breath, and locks found in your body at the Mula or base of your spine
  • Discover Svadhisthana, the center of creativity and sexuality, associated with the element of water
  • Work with the Manipura, the source of your internal fire empowering you to burn away accumulated karma and light the way on your spiritual quest
  • Discover how awakening Kundalini can make you healthier, more balanced, and fearless

Module 4: Transcending Duality from the Awakened Heart – The Art of Give & Take

The Anahata, or heart center, is the focus of the 3rd Key through which you will access the tools for bridging heaven and earth. As you transcend duality, you become light as air and more present within your human experience realizing more joy, happiness, purpose, peace, and bliss in your daily life.


  • Why the heart is the gateway between the material and the spiritual; between heaven and earth
  • Learn the process through which the heart balances polarity
  • Learn and practice Anahata, the secret sounds and Mantras that activate the heart center
  • Discover how to utilize the hearth center to generate a pillar of light between heaven and and awaken the Second Sun, a white lotus, that rests there

Module 5: Becoming a Sky Walker – The Dissolution of the Ego

Your transformation quickens with the 4th Key, as you enter the etheric realms of spirit consciousness. Kundalini can now activate the throat center, Visuddha, expanding your ability to deeply listen, and opening your Third Eye, Agya, located in the sacred space in the midbrain at the pineal gland called Brahma’s Cave, enabling you to dissolve the ego so you can become a Sky Walker.


  • How to use Omkara sound transmutation to expand and enhance the acuity of your inner listening, the Indriya Shrotra
  • The use of inner gazing as a way to enter Brahm’s Cave and open the visioning capacity of your Third Eye of your
  • Discover the role of the midbrain, the cerebrospinal fluid, and vagus nerve in activating higher states of consciousness
  • Learn and practice sacred breath and mantra, Hum Sa and So Hum, for drawing Kundalini up to and through the Third Eye

Module 6: The Grace of Divine Union – Surrending Into the Awe

The 1st Key introduced you to the dance of Shakti and Shiva, and now, the 5th Key brings you to an ecstatic surrender into the grace and awe of their union as Kundalini penetrates the Agya center and initiates its final ascension to Sahasrara, the crown chakra.


  • Preparing to surrender into the decent of Grace and Magic
  • Discover and explore the Bindu and the Inner Star
  • Experience the rise of A Thousand Suns

Module 7: Playing the Flute of Kundalini – The Music of Our Higher Self

Now that Sahasrara is open, and you hold all 5 Keys, you will be instructed in how to “play” from the base of your spinal cord, up and through the Third Eye, and into the crown center, like a musical instrument that connects you to the beautiful music of your higher self.


  • Learn the music of the spheres and move into alignment with the cosmic pulse
  • Discover how to combine Prana, Kriya and Mantra
  • Receive the Shat Chakra Japa Mantra initiation
  • The practice of surrendering at the heart, Shreem
Raja Ted Talk

PLUS! Bonus Module 8: Living the Kundalini Code – The Path of a Thousand Suns

Now that you have experienced bliss and have all of the keys for living as an embodied Shakti, what now? In this final bonus teaching, Raja will reveal how to live your daily, “normal” life from the heart so that you can be simultaneously in your body and present to your day-to-day world while also consciously surfing the void and visioning all that is possible as a Sky Walker.


  • How to live in a state of union within the dance of Shakti and Shiva
  • How to create a new reality using the power and magic of Turiya
  • What it means to live a magical life
  • Finding Your Next Step on The Path of A Thousand Suns
Raja Ted Talk

PLUS! Bonus Module 8: Living the Kundalini Code – The Path of a Thousand Suns

Now that you have experienced bliss and have all of the keys for living as an embodied Shakti, what now? In this final bonus teaching, Raja will reveal how to live your daily, “normal” life from the heart so that you can be simultaneously in your body and present to your day-to-day world while also consciously surfing the void and visioning all that is possible as a Sky Walker.


  • How to live in a state of union within the dance of Shakti and Shiva
  • How to create a new reality using the power and magic of Turiya
  • What it means to live a magical life
  • Finding Your Next Step on The Path of A Thousand Suns

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Praise For Raja’s Teachings and Guidance

Raja helped me awaken my third eye and my heart and introduced me to the secrets of Kundalini meditation and awakening the living Goddess inside of me. He gave me techniques and tools to experience another complete dimension of light, energy, and bliss inside of me. I am so grateful for this adventure we have been on and his immense love and Shakti energy.
Eliana Koulas

After having attended several of Raja Choudhury’s workshops and seminars, each new invitation from him feels like receiving a letter from Hogwarts. Raja helps me leave behind my boring Muggles life to explore the universe and realize the infinite magic that lies within all our minds.
Anuj Gupta

Faculty, St. Stephen’s College

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Mantras, Activating Practices & Immersion Exercises in Every Module

You will be get access to additional support materials including mantras, activating practices, immersion exercises, and tools for self-assessment, as well as additional resources for study, all designed to deepen and expand your awareness, and accelerate your evolution.

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About Your Teacher & Guide, Raja Choudhury

Your guide for this journey is Raja Choudhury, master spiritual teacher and founder of the advanced mystery school, “A Thousand Suns Academy.”  Raja has spent more than 20 years immersed in study of and initiation into many ancient mystery schools including, Kundalini Shakti, Tantra, and Kriya Yoga.
In 2006,while living and working New York, Raja experienced a personal Kundlini awakening. Since then, Raja has been initiated into numerous traditions including Kriya Yoga, Sri Vidya, Kali Kula, Trika, and Raja Yoga, and is well versed in the language of western esoteric traditions, neuroscience, and psychology.

Raja brings a unique perspective, humor, energy, and approach to ancient, esoteric wisdom as well as modern techniques for awakening consciousness.

Raja is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, a TED and TEDx speaker, and the host of a very popular Youtube channel on awakening consciousness. In 2020, he spoke at the Science of Consciousness Conference at the University of Arizona and his next film for PBS (WTTW Chicago) is America’s First Guru telling the story of how Yoga and the deeper aspects of Indian wisdom came to America.

Raja currently lives with his wife and daughter in Delhi, India. He is bringing this ancient wisdom to you not as an unrelatable “guru,” but as someone firmly grounded in the world and fully engaged with life.

In, The Kundalini Code, Raja has found the intersection between mystical teachings and neuroscientific discoveries and created a thoroughly modern and highly practical method for committed seekers of all backgrounds and spiritual lineages to finally realize their fully awakened potential and live a life of impact and meaning.

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