a thousand suns academy is…

A modern-day mystery school committed to the activation and evolution of your inner potential and spiritual purpose, so you can live a full, meaningful life, right here, right now. We espouse a “pathless path” that provides you with the steps for becoming your own guru on this magical journey of life.

ATS produces and curates transformational content that educates audiences around the world through live events, on-demand courses, community, and digital media. We work with and manage leading teachers from around the world and currently represent acclaimed teacher, TED speaker, and filmmaker, Raja Choudhury, author and astrologer AT Mann, and other teachers.

Established in 2018, we currently have original content available on The Shift Network in California, PBS (WTTW Chicago), and here, at A Thousand Suns Academy dot com.

A Thousand Suns Academy is an Arizona based LLC.

a thousand suns’ teachers are…

Raja Choudhury

disrupting our understanding of human consciousness and awakening you to…

your evolutionary potential with a thoroughly modern interpretation and experience of Kundalini Shakti, Tantra, and Kriya Yoga

Raja deeply believes that each and every one of us can experience the magic of this loving and empowering energy.

His personal spiritual quest began over 20 years ago when he was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 1998. He then went on to take deep initiations into Raja Yoga, advanced Kriya Yoga, Trika, and then Sri Vidya from Guruji Amritananda of Devipuram. In 2006, Raja underwent a dramatic Kundalini awakening that rewired his system and opened up a new universe of potential. His experience of life is as one continuous quest for inner awakening and illumination and seeks to share his discoveries and revelations with all who seriously seek this level of transformation and evolution.

Since his own Kundalini awakening, he has been deeply committed to continuing with his quest to go deeper, discovering, experiencing, and sharing the mysteries held in the great, and often little known, wisdom traditions of the world, and to distill them into practical, modern-day methods and tools that can transform your life.

Raja has emerged as one The Shift Network’s most popular teachers, initiating and guiding over 2,500 students into the mysteries of Kundalini, Tantra, and the Third Eye. In 2018, he established “A Thousand Suns Academy” to provide a platform for his syncretic blend of Eastern and Western teachings, including those from the traditions of Kundalini, Tantra and Consciousness studies. The virtual academy also serves as a place to for you to learn and apply these teachings in your own life and to join in community with other committed seekers. The courses, workshops, retreats and media found here can awaken you to your own experience of this energy, supporting you in navigating its many attributes and empowering your journey to self-realization.

Raja is currently making a film for PBS, “First Guru,” documenting the path of bringing Indian wisdom to the United States. He lives in New Delhi with his wife, daughter, and a cocker spaniel called Max.

AT Mann

Alden Taylor Mann

acclaimed astrologer, documentary filmmaker, architect

A successful author of eighteen books including the best-selling “Sacred Architecture,” “Sacred Landscapes” in collaboration with the renowned photographer Lynn Davis, and “The Sacred Language of Trees.” His books on sacred architecture and astrology have been published in five languages. He returned to Hudson, NY in 1999 after living in England and Denmark for twenty-seven years.

He graduated with a professional architectural degree from Cornell University, and was an award-winning architectural designer for major firms in New York City, and in Rome, Italy until he discovered Wisdom and Astrology and made a major shift in his creative expression. He worked in 1990 for the non-profit Alp Action for the Bellerive Foundation in Geneva and was Director of Publications for the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Tad is a member of the Author’s Guild and The Forum for Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality and a well-known speaker on the sacred and has spoken at the Rubin Museum in New York in 2019 on Tibetan Astrology. He returned to Hudson, NY in 1999 after living in England and Denmark for twenty-seven years, and now lives, writes, teaches and consults out of his home in Hudson.