Join, The Path

an exclusive membership for advanced studies with Rajada

Continue your journey of transformation in this exclusive membership program for ongoing, advanced study with Raja Choudhury (Rajada).

Experience a unique and thoroughly modern immersion in Shaktism, Tantra, Sri Vidya, Dash Maha Vidyas, Yantras, Sacred Sound, Sacred Geometry, Energy Work, Healing, Creativity, and Divination, as well as the comparative syncretic study of global wisdom traditions and practices all through the lens of cutting-edge science and advanced psychology.

What You’ll Receive as a Member of this Exclusive Program

  • A 44-day challenge and immersion period with special content and support to help you orient to The Path
  • 3 Live, Advanced Classes and Satsangs with Rajada each month
  • Each class is recorded and made available on-demand with additional materials
  • Shakti Cafe Break-Out Rooms after each class allow you to connect with Rajada and other Kula Members
  • Support and mentorship from the A Thousand Suns Adept Mentors
  • The opportunity to apply for Personal MentorshipRajada offers mentorship opportunities exclusively to members.
  • Bonus Master Classes with adept-level teachers, authors, and practitioners from the worlds of Shakti, Trika, Yoga, Art, Dance, Meditation, and more
  • The ever-popular Community Satsangs on the 4th Sunday, in which you will get to meet, share and explore the many and varied experiences of this journey
  • A Secret Group on FaceBook, exclusively for active members of The Path, for regular updates, discussions, and events
  • Access to exclusive retreats, discounted courses, programs, and sacred quests.

Please Note the Prerequisites

This is a program for advanced students only. To qualify, you must be a graduate of The Kundalini Code, one of Raja’s courses from The Shift Network, or by personal invitation.

We reserve the right to deny your membership and refund your initial payment if, in our estimation, you do not qualify for any reason, including lack of prerequisites.

Choose your preferred renewal frequency: